• A reminder that hurricane season is here, have an arborist evaluate and prune your trees before they look like this Royal Poinciana. A storm blew through last night and took down the lowest major branch on this tree, which will have to come down due to the extensive trunk damage.

  • Gardening Presentations

    My most recent wildlife gardening talk went pretty well, and I’ve decided to share all of the slides (with videos) of my talks here for anyone interested. These are specifically geared to southeast Florida, zones 10 and 11, but people in nearby regions may find them of some use as well. I … read more

  • Today I am giving a talk on landscaping for wildlife in the Flamingo Gardens Learning Center at 2pm. I’ll be discussing some of my favorite wildlife friendly practices and plants. Hoping for a decent turnout. #homegrownnationalpark #wildlifefriendlygardening #plantitwild

  • New work project commenced. A new raised sidewalk is being installed to connect the tram trail with the bear and otters.

  • Dino goes roar.

  • Dinosaurs are invading the garden this weekend…and are staying all summer. Dinosaurs around the world 🌴 🌱 #dinosaurs

  • Time for another round of garden orchid photos #tropicalplants #orchids 🌱 🌴

    Vanda orchid flower &10;

  • One of my hobbies is growing and hybridizing hot peppers.

    This is one I lost the tag for but it looks very, very hot, with a wicked little tail.

  • One of the more interesting plants in my own garden, the Elephant Yam (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius) is flowering now. Pollinated by flies, it exudes a putrid aroma when the flower is open.

    🌱 🌴 #tropicalplants #aroids

  • Our King Crepe Myrtle tree is flowering again in the garden. Lagerstroemia macrocarpa is from Southeast Asia, and is a real show stopper in bloom.

  • Andy the Bobcat says Hi!

  • I haven’t posted here in a long time so to remedy that, here is an Orchid photo dump.

  • I taught my latest class today, this time on growing Mangos and other Tropical fruit. Attendance wasn’t very good but it was still a good discussion and we covered a lot of ground. Hopefully with increased promotion the next class will get more attendance..

  • Orchid Show is next weekend.

    Experience the beauty and diversity of orchids and bromeliads at the 42nd International Orchid and Bromeliad Show at Flamingo Gardens, presented by the Flamingo Gardens Orchid Society. read more

  • White Handkerchief Tree in bloom.

    While hard to capture in a photograph, our beautiful specimen handkerchief tree Cynometra browneoides Is blooming now in the garden Arboretum. It can be found behind the Backyard Birds enclosure. These blooms don’t last long. 🌴 #tropicaltrees #tropicalflowers read more

  • The catalytic converter thieves have moved to Broward county. My wife’s car just had the converter stolen. The dealer said they had 7 stolen cats this week.

  • Botanical Auctions

    The new biweekly auction is up at Botanical Auctions.

  • I was struck by the beauty of this pink-orange lichen growing on a Magnolia this morning. 🌱 🌴 #lichen

  • On display now in the garden: The Insect portrait macro photos of Levon Biss. www.microsculpture.net www.levonbiss.com

    Levon Biss micro sculpture Levon Biss micro sculpture Levon Biss micro sculpture

  • The Yellow Ashoka tree - Saraca thaipingensis is in full bloom now in the garden and is putting on quite the show. 🌱 🌴

    Yellow Saraca flowersYellow Saraca tree