Gardenia taitensis, Tahitian Gardenia blooming in the fragrance garden @Flamingo Gardens

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Here's the trunk of a Florida Champion tree in the garden. This is an Enterlobium cyclocarpum. It's probably the most massive tree in the entire garden, and I absolutely love the branch structure and open canopy. Here is the official record when it was recorded.


Would anyone be interested in joining a garden-horticulture centric Instance? (Lemmy is a reddit like )

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Foliar themed street art with human figure

Interesting street art that popped up near my neighborhood.

I haven't posted any garden photos lately so must amend that.

I managed a successful upgrade of . Not a bad process.

The domain is being blocked as a spam site by my ATT hub/router. Is this site compromised?


Say hello to our little old lady, Luna. She loves belly rubs and barking at the garbage cans when I drag them to the curb.

I approved a handful of new members to Welcome everyone. I'll begin by introducing myself. My name is Chris, I the horticulture director at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, FL. USA. Our garden began in 1927 as a citrus grove and soon afterward the founders began planting exotic trees acquired through the USDA Bureau of Foreign Plant Introduction. We have a large collection of mature tropical and subtropical trees, including 15 Florida Champion Trees. We also have a large collection of tropical fruit trees and tropical foliage and flowering plants.

I'll be sharing plants from.the collection, as well as some others I see in my travels and visits to other botanical gardens. The photo is a Heliconia, which is related to both Bananas and Gingers.

Now for something garden related, I spent the day yesterday at the wonderful Bok Tower Gardens in Winter Garden, Florida. It was a beautiful day and we listened to the Carillon play as we wandered the garden paths.

Many thanks to For all the help getting this thing sorted. I was able to login to my server and access my profile file.

I needed more help than I thought I would as my past web hosting/hacking experience doesn't really help much with managing this Linux server. It's much more complex than a LAMP CMS or blog install.

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The Mount Dora, FL. Christmas tree

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So a few days in to using and I like it, but it's not ready for non-techie end users like me. Some much needed functions:

  1. A graphical installer that covers all the dependencies.

  2. Customization of theme/fonts/colors/layout etc...through an admin screen, similar to Wordpress.

  3. A wysiwyg markdown post editor.

There are more, but they can wait for another update.

So seems to wlbe working okay, however it requires manually updating css and config files to change the main web page. It's going to need a more user friendly UI to see any real uptake. I know it is still really early days, and there is a long way to go, but sshing into t a host server jí edit files is tedious.

Wow this is spot on. Good on you Xkcd.

Well the instance is up but it's not discoverable. I can't add it to any apps either on Android or Linux. Maybe it has to populate across servers? Or possibly still a config problem. Tomorrow is another day.